Total Peace Of Mind

For some young people, being away from family and friends can be unsettling.  Our teams on camp recognise this and do everything to ensure each young person feels welcomed and settled as soon as possible.

We don’t want young people missing friends and family too much.  So by keeping campers busy with fun and challenging activities, ensuring they are well fed and not actively encouraging calls home, we can prevent homesickness.  However, for various reasons, on rare occasions homesickness can prevent campers from having a great time.  When this happens we will get in touch with the parents or guardians and work with them to help the young person through their feelings of homesickness.

Health and Safety
The safety of young people is a priority at all our camps. We insist on high standards of health and safety by applying strict management standards developed in line with Health & Safety legislation and good practice. All camps and activities are fully risk assessed.

If there is an accident at camp involving your child we will contact you immediately using the contact information provided on the parental consent form. In the unlikely event of an emergency occurring when we are unable to contact you or your alternative contact, we will have to make certain decisions on your behalf in your child’s best interests. We have staff with first-aid qualifications on site and a directory local doctors, dentists and hospitals in case of emergencies.

At A2Z Adventures, we believe that everyone who attends has the right to feel safe, respected and valued. The safety and well-being of all individuals involved is paramount. Our aim is to ensure that all individuals attending feel safe from being bullied and all other forms of harassment.

No form of bullying will be tolerated and all incidents will be addressed in accordance with the A2Z Adventures Anti-Bullying Policy.